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Land for the Nomads

Original title Land for the Nomads


Shlomo Lecker is an Israeli lawyer who defies all stereotypes. He is a Jew who fights for the Bedouins. In the Judean desert east of Jerusalem up to the Dead Sea, some 27,000 Bedouins live in roadside shacks. Since the 1970s after Israel occupied the West Bank, Jewish settlements mushroomed up all along the desert and thereby limiting the Bedouins’ nomadic way of life. The steady expansion of Jewish settlements endangers the livelihood and the very existence of this community. This film follows Lecker’s personal relationship with his clients – the lone Israeli who claims that he has a Bedouin soul.

Author/s Lipika Pelham

Lipika Pelham is a British-Bengali journalist and writer who worked for the BBC in London for 12 years, before moving to Jerusalem in 2005. She has MA in History, Philosophy and Sociology of Indian religions, King’s College London, London University, UK, 1994. She has compiled and presented numerous programmes for the BBC World Service and BBC Radio 4 from Jerusalem. It was during making a radio documentary for the BBC on honour killing in the central Israeli city of Ramle that she decided to make the film DEADLY HONOUR, as the story was visually too powerful to tell over just a few radio broadcasts. Apart from being a journalist and film maker, Ms Pelham has also written a book. In 2012 Ms Pelham completed her second documentary film LAND FOR THE NOMADS.

Research Consultancy: Shlomo Lecker
Photography Mohammed Jaridi
Sound Mitch Clyman
Editing Eyal Tuizer