About movie


Original title Köç


Azerbaijan is an ancient country with its own cultural inheritage and customs. The film “Nomads” tells a simple story about traditional Azerbaijan estate. Group of shepherds are taking their sheeps across different fields. During long grueling week they are facing variety of obstacles. Both people and animals are exhausted, and some of them could even die. But shepherds still shepherds and they have to overcome all difficulties as that’s the way they ancestors were living.

Author/s Rodion Ismailov

Rodion Ismailov Was born in Azerbaijan. In 1998 graduated from Saint Petersburg State University of Cinematography and Television, specialized in film-directing. In 1997 founded «Deboshir Film Studio». 1997 – 1999 – General Director of «Deboshir Film Studio». 2000 – 2005 – President of Saint Petersburg Fund «Independent Cinema Fund». Since 2009 he is the director and producer in producing centre «DC Film».

Research Rodion Ismailov
Photography Elchin Abdullaev
Sound Michael Alekseenkov
Editing Mariya Sergeenkova