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The Sisterhood

Original title The Sisterhood


Hazendal Wine Estate farmhands Hope, Rollie, and Pietie are not your typical South African vineyard workers. Hope aspires to winning the local drag queen pageant, Rollie dreams of a husband and retaining the local drag queen crown, and Pietie struggles with his religious upbringing while obsessing over his roses, chickens, and pigeons. These transgender vineyard workers confront prejudice at every turn, from their own farming communities, city transgenders and the world at large. Together Hope, Rollie, and Pietie manage to find the fabulous in the fraught and offer a portrait of triumph in togetherness rather than loneliness in victimization.

Author/s Roger Horn

Roger Horn has worked throughout the U.S. and internationally as a director, producer, camera operator, and editor. In 2006 he moved to Cape Town, South Africa in order to dedicate his career to human rights based productions and it was in the rural wine lands of Stellenbosch that he met the three Transgender self proclaimed “real ladies of the world” who would go on to become the subjects of his Award Winning documentary, “The Sisterhood.” While working on “The Sisterhood” Roger simultaneously began working on his short documentary “Nanny Cam: Xenophobia in the Motherland” about the devastating effects of the 2008 xenophobic attacks in South Africa. Roger is now living in Los Angeles working freelance production positions and is in pre-production on several new documentaries. Roger holds a degree in Social Theory, Social Structure and Change along with completing Programs at the New York Film Academy and Wildlife Film Academy.

Research Roger Hron
Photography Roger Hron
Sound Roger Horn/Geta Palm
Editing Ashika Bracher/Roger Horn