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VOICES FROM THE HEIGHTS: Three days in Premana

Original title VOCI ALTE Tre giorni a Premana


The village of Premana (Northern Italy, Alps) is the leading world producer of scissors. Besides producing knifes and other metal products it is also known for its peculiar multi part singing tradition. Premana’s specific and exclusive multi part singing style is known as Tìir. This is a way of singing verging on shouting. This documentary presents the three most significant days for such singing practice in the yearly cycle: Past (8th August), Corpus Domini (6th June), The Three Kings (5th January).

Author/s Renato Morelli

Renato Morelli was born in Trento in 1950. After studying sociology and music at the local University, he worked as a director for the Italian State TV (RAI). He directed some sixty ethnographic films on Trentino, the Alpine Region, Sardinia and Latin America – a production acknowledged by eighteen international awards. As a scholar he is best known as an ethnomusicologist. He published a number of contributions in different formats (books, CDs and DVDs). He has inspired, directs and personally plays in three musical projects: Ziganoff (Klezmer-jazz), Streich (old dancing folk tunes) and Cantori di Vermèil (traditional Alpine choral singing). Bibliography, discography, filmography: www.renatomorelli.it

Research Renato Morelli
Photography Alessandro Cristofoletti, Renato Morelli, Stefano Menin, Luigi Tonezzer
Sound Stefano Menin
Editing Stefano Menin