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Common charges

Original title Charges communes


The film retraces the life of an apartment building in Bucharest, an authentic witness of the social and economic consequences of a Romanian society in complete transition. It evokes the stories which animates and has animated the lifes of its inhabitants (almost all of them are owners). In this invitation to “come inside”, the audience discovers the characters with their stories, their lifestyle, their own set, and also their own everyday life as owners: bills to pay, pipes to repair, a Mafioso administrator, noisy neighbours, solidarity networks developing. The film describes life stories very realistic, as they are lived today in Bucharest.

Author/s Anne Schiltz et Charlotte Grégoire

An Schiltz et Charlotte Grégoire Après des études d’anthropologie à l’ULB, An et Charlotte se lance dans la réalisation de films documentaires. Filmographie : 2008 – STAM, nous restons là 2011- Bucarest TD21.

Photography Anne Schiltz
Sound Anne Schiltz
Editing Thomas Vandecasteele