About movie

Hiking Songs

Original title Ueberall wo es uns gefaellt


A classical female string ensemble walking through Germany: Three bowed musicians with cello, viola and violine and soprano singer. The bulky instruments on their back and not a single dime in their pockets, the Ensemble Unterwegs revives a tradition long lost. Like journeymen they pay for their living in the currency only musician have got: Music. A private concert in exchange for food or a place for the night.

Author/s Klaus Betzl

Born in 1979, Klaus Betzl grew up in a small town in southern Bavaria, Germany. He left the school with the general qualification for university and after community service got in contact with Munich’s film buisness. For two years he was a trainee in several film production and broadcasting companies. From 2001 to 2007 he studied cinematography and design at Dort-mund University for Applied Sciences and Arts. Seeking constantly for collaboration with stu-dents from other film schools, he shot several short films and documentaries as a director of photography. Some of them were awarded at important film festivals. After his final degree with the self-directed documentary film \”Grüne Türen in Hetzeldorf – Behind Green Doors\” (shot in 2007 in Romania) he started working as a freelancer director of photography. \”Hiking Songs\” is his second documentary.

Photography Julia Bichel
Sound Klaus Betzl, Andrew Mottl (mix)
Editing Katja Reutter