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Coffee Talks

Original title Die Welt muss auch mal zusammenwachsen


Can there be fair trade between Europe and Africa, and if so, under what conditions? This film follows the Bremen-based coffee company Utamtsi to the lush mountains of Cameroon where they buy their beans. It explores the relationships between the producers and the consumers as well as the two Utamtsi founders – one from Germany, the other from Cameroon.

Author/s Katharina Frucht

Katharina Frucht was born and raised in NorthWest Germany. She studied Cultural Studies in Marburg and one semester in Istanbul. After working in a school project for one year, she began studying Visual and Media Anthropology at Freie Universität Berlin. In this program she learnt how to present visually what she experienced through ethnographic research and participant observation.

Research Katharina Frucht
Photography Katharina Frucht
Sound Katharina Frucht
Editing Katharina Frucht