About movie


Original title Taxiway


In the intimacy of the taxicab, as we cruise the streets of the city, New York’s immigrant taxi drivers tell me their stories. While sketching the outlines of tomorrow’s America, their tales question what it means to try to become who you want to be: how do you choose your life instead of resigning to it? How do you find your way, my way? How do you drive the vehicle of life? Together, we weave a collective fable of exile and choice.

Author/s Alicia Harrison

Born of a French mother and an American father, Alicia Harrison grew up in New York City before moving to Paris in September 2000. She obtained her M.A. in Philosophy at the renowned “Ecole Normale Supérieure” while directing her first short documentary films. From 2005 to 2006, she worked as an assistant to French director Jean-Luc Leon. In 2007, she studied film at Les Ateliers Varan, a prominent documentary film school in Paris. Today, she works as director of photography, scriptwriter and director’s assistant for documentary filmmakers (Thomas Balmès, Hubert Sauper…), while developing her own film projects. She finished her first feature documentary, Taxiway, in early 2013.

Research Alicia Harrison
Photography Alicia Harrison
Sound Alicia Harrison – Josefina Rodriguez – Emmanuel Croset
Editing Alexandra Mélot