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From Paris to Paris

Original title Из Парижа в Париж


The Chelyabinsk region (Russia) has its own Paris. It is home to Nagaibaks. They are Turkic by language, Russian Orthodox Christian by religion, and Cossacks by social state. A group of Nagaibak sets out on a trip to Europe following the tracks of their ancestors – soldiers of the 1812 war.

Author/s Svetlana Belorussova

Svetlana Belorussova has a bachelor\’s degree in history from the Ural State Federal University. She is currently working on her Master\’s degree in \”Socio-cultural anthropology\”. Since 2011 participates in the ethnographic expeditions to the Southern Ural and Arctic Yamal (Russia). “From Paris to Paris” is the first film.

Research Svetlana Belorussova
Photography Svetlana Belorussova
Sound Svetlana Belorussova
Editing Svetlana Belorussova