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Framing the Other

Original title Framing the Other


The women of the Mursi tribe of southern Ethiopia wear lip plates and vibrant jewellery, a custom that has spawned a lively tourist trade as Western visitors pay to take photographs –the more embellished the adornment, the higher the price. This humorous and sometimes uncomfortable film follows a tour group visit to the Mursi, raising profound questions about authenticity and the motivations and economics of “cultural tourism.”

Author/s Willem Timmers and Ilja Kok

Willem Timmers (22-03-1985) works as a director and editor at I CAMERA YOU productions: an audiovisual production company focusing on commissioned documentary films and journalistic items. He also works as a freelance camera journalist, videographer and education designer with special attention on media innovations. Ilja Kok (05-05-1977) works as a producer at I CAMERA YOU productions. She is also a lecturer in tourism studies and she has worked as a tour guide in various countries in the past. Framing the Other is a debut documentary for both filmmakers and they are currently working on their second documentary.

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