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Evolution of Violence

Original title Evolution of Violence


The global hunger for cheap resources has been another cause of violence, and a war over bananas has taken on a life of its own. The society suffers from the aftermath of the 36-year civil war. Mass graves are found in the mountains, former rebels mourn their comrades, and a war criminal has nightmares about all the things he\’s done. Peace continues to elude Guatemala.

Author/s Fritz Ofner

Fritz Ofner was born in Styria in 1977 and studied Journalism and Ethnology in Vienna. After graduating he worked as an NGO activist, freelance journalist and TV producer. Extensive travel through Asia, Africa and Latin America eventually led him to documentary film. In 2011 he received the Axel Springer Award for his TV documentary, \”From Baghdad to Dallas.\” “Evolution of Violence\” is his first documentary for theatrical release. At present he\’s working on \”Beirut Blend,\” a documentary adaptation of Jim Jarmusch\’s \”Coffee and Cigarettes.\” Ofner is a freelance film director and cameraman and lives in Vienna.

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