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The Passion of Planaltina

Original title La Passion De Planaltina


Holy Week in Planaltina-DF. In this small brazilian city, Saulo (Jesus), Preto (Judas), Paulo (Pilate) and the 1100 actors of the Via Sacra are about to replay the last moments of Jesus Christ’s life in front of up to 200 000 persons on the Morro da Capelinha. Created by the former priest of Planaltina, this cultural event is now part of the Brazilian national heritage. From the spectacle to the backstage, following the man characters in their daily life or at work, we discover a society where dream and faith push the men to make up their own destiny.

Author/s Marie-Anne Sorba

Born in 1978, Marie-Anne Sorba directed 6 documentaries for TV and cinema since 2007 about world people traditional cultures, among which “Le Carnaval de Kwen”, “Les Peuples de l’Anneau” and “68 non-stop” in collaboration with Fred Hilgemann and Jean-Marc Cazenave. A former journalist specialised in Eastern European countries and Russia, she wrote several essays about ethnography and geopolitics such as “Baltic Itineraries” and “Tatarstan, the country of Russian Muslims”.

Photography Olivier Barbier
Sound Pierre-Luc Cassier
Editing Jean-Marc Cazenave