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About Men

Original title About Men


Never before has a female and filmmaker been accepted into a men\’s group, where everything that is said in the room stays in the room. The film portrays Chris, Robert, Wayne and Thomas who are on their individual journeys toward realizing their purposes in life. Six months after joining the group, rookie Chris frees himself from the burden of his estranged father, while the group’s oldest member, Robert, reaches for courage to embrace his relationship to his girlfriend. For Wayne and Thomas, the group is the ultimate support, as Wayne faces the loss of his business and Thomas faces the loss of his father. ABOUT MEN reveals what is usually hidden in the Western democratic society: men are vulnerable, men have feelings, men cry, and men are capable of loving.

Author/s Maja Bugge

ABOUT MEN is Maja\’s first documentary film production, marking her career as an independent documentary filmmaker. Facilitating people’s stories she builds up trust with her subjects and allows for the subjects themselves to reflect upon their own story. Through this approach of tapping into people’s interests in telling their own story, Maja attempts to explore people\’s position in society by focusing on feelings of belonging. Maja Bugge was born in a commune in 1985 just outside of Copenhagen and she holds a BA in Communications and Cultural Encounters from Roskilde University. In 2012 she graduated from The New School in NYC with an MA in Media Studies. Her multifaceted previous work experience ranging from public school teaching to political communications to horse massage therapy has inspired her to explore human stories that impact her and the audience’s view of themselves.

Research Maja Bugge
Photography Maja Bugge
Sound Nikolaj Harmon
Editing Maja Bugge