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Hay Days

Original title Hay Days


Anthony and Petra Ingram sold their house in the UK and bought a small farm in a mountain village in Harghita County, Romania. They have been living at their farm for about six years when Ralph and Orsolya Veraart visit them during the hay making season of summer 2012. They talk about why they have chosen to live on the farm, about getting children (or not), and the fact that Anthony was given away for adoption as a baby and the infertility between Anthony and Petra.

Author/s Ralph Veraart

Born and raised in the Netherlands. Studied Rural Sociology (Bachelor) and International Development Studies (Master) at Wageningen University, the Netherlands. Ralph also studied Film at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University College Ghent, Belgium. He always had a passion for filming and taking pictures. After his studies he was founding member of two environmental consultancy firms, in Hungary and Romania. He got married to Orsolya. She took up photography during a sabbatical year in their house in the Romanian Carpathians. When they felt the need for more intellectual input they moved to Norway to study Visual Cultural Studies at the University of Tromsø.

Research Ralph Veraart
Photography Ralph Veraart
Sound Ralph Veraart
Editing Ralph Veraart