About movie

O my fisherman, my oldman!

Original title Meu pescador, Meo velho!


Which is the criteria to choose sites to become heritage and tourism spots? Can tourism be compatible with other economic activities, or annuls them by turning places into show stages? Which is the community’s weight in the decision processes? Is tourism a sign of progress and modernity or is it of retrogress? This film follows Porto Formoso´s community
( located in Azores islands) during seven years. Its strong fishing community found its port natural conditions were not longer useful. Fishermen demanded the construction of a concrete harbor. Although they had support from some inhabitants, many more were against such modifications, as they were going to ruin the port natural beauty and the rest of some mysterious ruins, damaging its tourist potential. Meanwhile, the landscape of this community transforms, and so does the life and thoughts of the director during the seven years that have passed.

Author/s Amaya Sumpsi


Research Amaya Sumpsi
Photography Amaya Sumpsi, André Almeida
Sound Sérgio Gregorium, Raquel Castro
Editing Amaya Sumpsi, Raquel Castro