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Alianait: Art In The Arctic

Original title Alianait: Art In The Arctic


Since the first explorers and missionaries set foot in their land, the Inuit have suffered multiple attempts to destroy their culture and delete their identity. Today, the annual Alianait Arts Festival that takes place in Iqaluit, in the Canadian Arctic, is returning pride and awareness to the Inuit through a collaborative multicultural celebration of the arts. Because, when people feel strong in their own culture they are more able to open up and share with others.

Author/s Luis Román

A graduate of computing and marketing, Luis Román began his relationship with filmmaking whilst studying a postgraduate course at the University of Toronto. During this period he collaborated with Toronto International Film Festival and the World Short Film Festival. Back in Spain he worked at the Catalan Film Festival Association (CIVI). He now works as a teacher and is the founder of the Barcelona Creative Commons Film Festival (BccN), the first of its kind in the world and a global reference for free culture. Alianait, Art in the Arctic, a documentary about the Alianait Arts Festival held in Iqaluit is his first film as a director. The Inuit Silence, his second documentary, also shot during his time in Nunavut is currently in post-production. In both these films Luis has worked in collaboration with Trueday Films, a production company founded in Barcelona specialised in reality based storytelling.

Research Luis Román
Photography Luis Román
Sound Luis Román
Editing Jim Loomis