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The Korean Dream

Original title Kumaripati, Lalitpur


The Korean Dream is about a migrant worker who sacrificed 18 years of his life in struggle to fulfill his influence in the Korean society. Likewise, the dreams of many immigrant workers have ended with disappointments. Therefore it\’s an attempt to show how human rights have been dominated and exploited under the name of government. Furthermore, it\’s about broken dreams of those immigrant labors that were forced to be in exile or under detention.

Author/s Ashok Thapa

Filmmaker (director/Producer) was in South Korea in migrant worker Television as a PD. He is chairperson of M-Media Pvt. Ltd and member of Federation of Nepal Journalists working as video journalist as well. He studied filmmaking in South Korea. His first film was \”BURIED IN TEARS\” which was awarded in Canada. Second film is \”THE KOREAN DREAM\” and awarded in Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival -2013 Doha.

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