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Wayward and stubborn

Original title Hudyoto meye


There are no official statistics but it’s estimated that in Bangladesh each year about 200 women are attacked with acid. A woman can be assaulted for refusing a proposal, for unmet demands for dowry, even for being outspoken. She can simply be accused of being wayward and stubborn and therefore men can punish her in the most terrible way. Nahar was a 15 years old student when a boy who had proposed her and she had refused, threw acid and disfigured her. After a number of reconstructive surgeries and years of psychological counseling she found a way out of isolation and got the strength to start her life anew. Today she travels across Bangladesh home after home, village after village to help those who faced the same tragedy.

Author/s Stefania Donaera

Stefania Donaera has been working in the NGO sector for the last ten years focusing mainly in promoting the development issue with media. She has collaborated as executive producer in documentaries in India, Brasil, Guatemala, Mozambique, Tanzania and South Africa. Francilene – story of a babaçu nut breaker is her first documentary as author and director and has won the price as best sardinian documentary at the SIEFF (Sardinian Ethnographic Fil Festival) in 2012. Wayward and stubborn is her second documentary.

Research Stefania Donaera
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Editing Elisa Cantelli