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Community Candle

Original title Bratskaya svecha


This film shows the custom, which is retained in v. Łuka (Stolin district, Brest region), of making a community candle for the New Year O.S. as a donation for the church. Male residents of the village use the money donated by all the villagers in order to make two big candles every second year. These candles are later consecrated in the local St Nicholas Church, v. Haradnaja (Stolin district). The candles are lit during liturgies and great religious feasts as a sign of hope for God\’s grace. The film shows all stages of this Christmas tradition: fund raising, purchase of the wax and consecration of the candles.

Author/s Iryna Volakh

Iryna Volakh, director Short biography 1963 – born in Minsk (Belarus). 1985 –graduated from the Belorussian Polytechnic Institute. 1994 – graduated from the Belarusian Academy of Arts (course of Victor Turov). From 1994 – work at the studio \”Belarusfilm\”, at the studio \”Letopis\”. Member of the Belarusian Union of Cinematographers. Winner of international film festivals. Selected filmography: – \”Ballgown\” (2003, with M.Kasymova) – \”Mild Winter\” (2004) – \”In the heart of Europe\” (2006) – \”Cruel Romance\” (2007) – \”Lavrishevo\” (2009) – \”Stone Girls\” (2010), etc.

Research Volga Labacheuskja
Photography Aleksandra Miasnikova
Sound Pavel Bury
Editing Ivan Karpov