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The Days After

Original title Jours d’après


In France, the mountainous region Trièves is home to an experimental farm called La Ferme Tournesol which is entirely energy self-sufficient. Jean-Philippe and his family live off sheep farming and organic market gardening in this proper laboratory for renewable energies. In September 2017, a devastating fire wiped out the farm, its facilities and equipment. A unique solidarity chain was formed to restore it from the ashes.

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Author/s Jérémie Grojnowski

Jérémie Grojnowski is a PhD student in visual anthropology, teaching at the department of performing arts of the Paris Nanterre University. His ethnographic films delve into the aim for technological self-sufficiency. His movie The Days After was made during his research on farmers opting for the self-build method as a way to achieve energy independence.

Research Jérémie Grojnowski
Photography Jérémie Grojnowski
Sound Jérémie Grojnowski
Editing Jérémie Grojnowski