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The Modern Jungle

Original title La Selva Negra


A narrative of two elders in a rural village in Chiapas: Carmen lives a frugal but peaceful life on a plot of land that cost her husband’s life, lost fighting for the landless farmers’ movement. Juan, though a shaman, suffers from a hernia his incantations cannot treat, and falls under the spell of charlatans who sell him nutritional supplements as medicine. This is ‘the modern jungle’ that appears before our unbelieving eyes.

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Author/s Charles Fairbanks, Saul Kak

Saul Kak is an artist, an activist, a speaker of Zoque and a member of this thousand- year-old culture. The first in his family to attend college, he’s a graduate of UNICACH: the University of Science & Arts of Chiapas. Splitting his time between San Cristóbal de las Casas and his hometown in the Zoque region of Chiapas, Saul is part of the arts-collective EDELO and a frequent collaborator with Galería MUY, a contemporary art centre for indigenous art and artists from across Chiapas. In recent years, Kak is been producing activist performance, video, and documentary to focus attention on the plight, rights, and struggles of his people.

Charles Fairbanks grew up in Nebraska and wrestled at Stanford, where he studied Art and History of Science. He has a MFA in Art & Design from the University of Michigan, where he also studied Anthropology and History. The founding professor of Media Arts at Antioch College in Ohio, Fairbanks has worked as a programmer and translator in Belgium, and taught videoarte and smartphone videography in Mexico.

Research Charles Fairbanks, Saul Kak
Photography Charles Fairbanks
Sound Saul Kak
Editing Charles Fairbanks