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Faces of the Wilderness

Original title Faces of the Wilderness


On a roadless journey through the barren lands of Finnish Lapland, the traveller seeks shelter and companionship to share their story. The film revolves around a small wilderness hut and its surrounding landscape. Trough meetings with the people roaming the area in different ways, we learn about the character of the place as ascribed by its dwellers and passers-by. The wilderness affords different experiences to the different groups that use it, and sometimes their wishes might be contradictory. Is the feral land really as empty and isolated as it seems, and why do people find this place so special?

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Author/s Tiia Grøn

Tiia Grøn has an MA in Visual Anthropology from The University of Tromsø, where she now works with educational film.

Research Tiia Grøn
Photography Tiia Grøn
Sound Tiia Grøn
Editing Tiia Grøn