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Da Hillsook Wedeen

Original title Da Hillsook Wedeen


Shetland is a place of wild unforgiving landscapes, supernatural beliefs and a soundscape barely altered over time. The film explores storytelling and social imagination in Shetland. The folklore tale Da Hillsook Wedeen has a timeless quality: unfolding from historical trauma forward, through generations of women’s voices. What does it mean to be a woman left on the shore?

Author/s Hope Strickland

Hope Strickland is a documentary filmmaker and time-based media artist from Manchester, UK. Her interests span feminist and queer theory as well as storytelling as a collective meeting point for political action and/or cultural cohesion. She’s currently working in the arts and applying for PhD’s in visual practice.

Research Hope Strickland
Photography Hope Strickland
Sound Hope Strickland
Editing Hope Strickland