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After Prayers

Original title After Prayers


Routine violence and muezzins’ calls to prayer shape the time-flow of daily life in Indian Kashmir. Almost 30 years have passed since the start of the armed struggle, and notwithstanding a widespread frustration, the controversial dream of Kashmir’s independence, along with the nightmare of the conflict, is still alive and kicking.

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Author/s Simone Mestroni

Simone Mestroni has developed visual storytelling skills alongside his fieldwork research on the ethnographic aspects of the Kashmiri conflict. While completing his PhD in anthropology, he’s been working as video operator with Donatello Conti and Giulio Squarci, and as fixer for Fausto Podavini for his photographic works in India. Simone’s ethnographic book on Kashmir Lines of Control (Meltemi 2018) will be used as a textbook for academic courses in three Italian universities. In October 2017 his first documentary After Prayers has been awarded the Wenner Gren foundation postdoctoral grant.

Research Simone Mestroni
Photography Simone Mestroni
Sound Francesco Morosini
Editing Donatello Conti