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Singers of Animas

Original title Ánimas, los Cantadores de Arbejales


Once a year, for centuries, the Ranchos de Animas of Arbejales and Valsequillo gather in the rural neighbourhood of Madrelagua (Canary Islands) to pray, singing for the souls in purgatory and summoning around them a cathartic environment typical of another age. Almsgiving makes singing into an invisible thread between the world of the living and the memory of the dead. These Canarian Cantadores are among the last of their kind in Europe.

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Author/s David Delgado San Ginés

David Delgado San Ginés has worked for decades in audiovisual fields of photography, audiovisual writing, direction, creation of video and production; receiving along the way a number of awards and mentions on the national and international circuits.

Research Óscar Vizcaíno Déniz, Roberto Suárez
Photography Javier Ríos, Alexis Ojeda
Sound Daniel Mendoza, Borja Viera
Editing David Delgado