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High Schooling

Original title Alta Scuola


The primary school, a multi-age classroom of 22 pupils in Peio, a small village situated in the North Italian Alps, was closed down by the province of Trento who planned a modern school complex for children from 5 villages at the bottom of the Peio Valley. Some families, convinced that the village school had an important role for the entire community, opted for parental instruction – which is permitted by the Italian Constitution – and launched the Scuola Peio Viva. On the ground floor of a private house, the parents and a number of voluntary teachers provide education for nine children from the first to fifth year of primary school.

Author/s Michele Trentini

Michele Trentini is filmmaker and ethnograph. He graduated in sociology at the University of Dresden (Germany) and Trento (Italy). Since 2002 he conducts research using visual anthropological methods at the “Museo degli Usi e Costumi della Gente Trentina”. He has directed several documentaries including “Furriadroxus” (I.S.R.E. 2005, prize for the best documentary at the festival Arcipelago in Rom 2006), “Three carnivals and a half” (MUCGT 2007, “Costantino Nigra – Prize in Visual Anthropology” 2007), “Il canto scaltro” (I.S.R.E. 2009, “Costantino Nigra – Prize in Visual Anthropology” 2009), “Carnival King of Europe” (MUCGT 2009, Grand Prize for Academic Film, Kyoto Academic Film Competition 2009) “Small land” (Trotzdem 2012, Best Documentary at Cinemambiente, Turin 2012) and “Contadini di montagna” (Premio Touring Club” at the Trento Film Festival 2015).

Research Giulia Mirandola
Photography Michele Trentini
Sound Michele Trentini
Editing Michele Trentini