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Original title Morcillas


The “pig slaughter” has been the most important winter celebration in Spanish villages for years. Family, friends and neighbours gather to kill the pig and fill the pantry for the rest of the year, and this becomes a great festive event. Manolo and Estrella invite family and friends to the “pig slaughter” at their place. Using the time to think about the past and the future of this celebration, they cook some blood sausages.

Author/s Luis Román Alcaide

A graduate in computing and marketing, in 2009 Luis Román starts his relationship with filmmaking while studying a postgraduate course at the University of Toronto. During this period he collaborates with the TIFF and with the World Short Film Festival. Back in Spain he works at the Catalan Film Festival Association (CIVI). He works as a teacher and is the founder of the Barcelona Creative Commons Film Festival (BccN), the first of its kind in the world and a global referent for free culture. BccN is present is more than 30 cities all over the world.
“Bloodsausage” is his second documentary as director. His first film, “Alianait, Art in the Arctic”, was also screened in DEF.