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Hotel Splendid

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Hotel Splendid is an intimate as well as collective portrayal of life in a community of migrants from the African coast who are sheltered in a facility for political asylum seekers in Cesenatico, Italy. The film records the daily experiences in a hotel that is used as a shelter, intertwining two different story-lines: the dramatic journey undertaken by the migrants to reach Europe, with its violence and abuse, and the itinerary that asylum seekers must follow once they enter the refuge, right until the evaluation procedure is completed.

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Author/s Mauro Bucci

Mauro Bucci is a filmmaker and independent researcher working in the field of visual anthropology, and is particularly concerned with film’s potential for studying and understanding human experiences and cultural practices. He is the author of scientific essays on the relationship between film and ethnography, which have been published in the film journal «Bianco e Nero», the anthropology journal «Visual Ethnography», sponsored by the University of Basilicata, and the Italian publisher CLUEB for the book «Rappresentare. Questioni di antropologia, cinema e narrativa». His latest essay has been published in August 2016 and is part of a collective volume («Looking with Robert Gardner») edited by W. Rothman, C. Warren and R. Meyers for the Horizons of Cinema series published by SUNY Press.
Mauro Bucci holds a Master’s Degree with honors (University of Bologna) in Literature and Philosophy (Drama, Art and Music Studies – curriculum cinema), having written his thesis in documentary cinematography on the ethnographic filmmaker Robert Gardner. He also holds a post-graduate diploma from the School of Visual Ethnography of the Higher Institute of Photography and Integrated Communication in Rome, and has attended various visual anthropology seminars and workshops in Europe.
Mauro Bucci’s interests in ethnographic documentary include both theoretical analyses and visual research such as field experience.
He worked as a one-man crew shooting video, recording sound, and editing footage for “Hotel Splendid”, his first work as a cinematographic author. The film recounts the lives of a group of migrants from the African coasts seeking political asylum in Italy. The documentary, which was self-produced, was completed following 12 months’ of fieldwork, and is based on the ethnographic method of participant observation.

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