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Waves of Memory

Original title Shem Code Rafiach


On December 7, 1946 the immigrant ship Rafiach, making its way from Yugoslavia, sank near the barren Greek island of Syrna. Most of the Ma’apilim survived and were rescued a few days later. There was a 12-day-old baby Shlomo on board that survived with his parents. 66 years later, a journey to his roots leads Shlomo to discover the true story of the drowning, an emotional quest, burdened by the issues of a Second Generation. We also learn about Mossad agent Abraham Lichovski, who saved the immigrants; as animated character he tells the story as written in his own hidden reports.

Author/s Gad Aisen

Gad Aisen – Director and producer Born August, 1968 MFA in Cinema & TV, Tel Aviv University Filmography Waves of memory 2012, 75 minutes documentary feature, supported by Rabinovich Cinima Project and channel 10 Haifa Film Festival 2013 Making waves 2004-2011, TV program for channel 10, 8 sessions, 105 chapters of 30 minutes. Facing the wind 2006, 50 minutes documentary, supported by NFCT and channel 10 Haifa Film Festival 2006 Awards Yossi Harel Immigration Absorption Award (2014) Haifa Arts Foundations Award – Feeling the wind (2006)

Research Gad Aisen
Photography Ilan Rinat
Sound Ronen Nagel
Editing Ynon Porat