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TRACES OF WAR: Scenes of everyday life in a non-existent country

Original title TRACES OF WAR: Scenes of everyday life in a non-existent country


A choir makes the cold visible…
Girls climb the mountain on a foggy morning to go to school…
Boys chop wood to heat the school…
Tanks and armoured troop carriers used as a blackboard…
Young men serve in the Army of a non-existent country.
Young women dance the past and the future of their land which surely has to exist.

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Author Jana Richter

born in 1978 in Magdeburg, Germany
2009 graduated from Film and Television Department at the University of Arts in Kassel (Prof. Yana Drouz, Prof. David Safarian)
2010 founded RICHTER PRODUCTION and realized films in Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba, Mongolia, Germany
Member of NUR film group

Filmography (Documentaries):

2015 TRACES OF WAR, 55 min, Nagorno Karabakh
2014 RISING, 7.20 min, Germany
2012 THE GREATNESS OF MAN, 30 min, Cuba
2010 CHOLITA LIBRE: If you don’t fight, you’ve already lost, 70 min, Bolivia
2009 GAUCHOS: If you don’t get on, you won’t fall off, 85 min, Argentina

Research Jana Richter, David Safarian
Camera Jana Richter
Sound Alexander Heinze
Editing Jana Richter
Name/Company Jana Richter
Address Brunnerstr. 18
ZIP code 39112
City Magdeburg
Country Germany
E-mail richterjana@hotmail.com