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A Few Words of Introduction

It seems that the world has never been as small as it is today. Everything seems to be within arm’s reach, we believe we can satisfy our curiosity and gain an insight into the events taking place at any chosen point on our planet at any moment. However, this impression is misleading. We do not have a wide selection of choices that would enable us to freely decide which ones we will pay greater attention to. Everything that is within arm’s reach and sight has been previously screened and selected.

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New website & submissions for DEF 2015 now closed

As of today, the submission for the festival Days of ethnographic film 2015 is not possible anymore. We received approximately 190 applications. Selector of the festival, Naško Križnar, will make his selection in a few weeks and the results will be first consulted with the authors and then published on this page.

At the same time, we are pleased to announce that we have updated our homepage. We will now better and easier communicate all relevant news and data.

In the following days we will publish a list of all submitted films.