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Macedonians in Istanbul

Original title Nasite vo Stanbol


MACEDONIANS IN ISTANBUL Synopsis: The participants in this film belong to a small community whose ancestors left the territory of Macedonia and settled in Istanbul by the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, mostly during the last decades of the Ottoman Empire. They now comprise several generations of well established and educated people who belong to the upper middle class of the Turkish society. They are also due representatives of the old citizens of Istanbul. Unburdened by their ethnic origin and unprejudiced towards all the others, they are a remarkable example of a relaxed civil awareness in this historically cosmopolitan milieu. Actually, they are, most of all, citizens of the world.

Author/s Elizabeta Koneska

Elizabeta Koneska, ethnologist, curator in Museum of Macedonia – Skopje Graduated at the Department of Ethnology on the Faculty of Philosophy at the Belgrade University. A Master’s degree at the Department of History of Art at the Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul, Turkey. The topic of research, scientific interest and making ethnological films: Slavic Orthodox community in Istanbul, Turkish and other Muslims ethnic and religious communities. Shared Shrines; Traditional food; Coppersmith and Tinsmith crafts; Researched and realized about 12 films projects in Macedonia and Turkey. Selected visual anthropology – screenplay and directing: – The Iron Church Above the Water, / year 1993/4, duration 55 min. – As We would Go to Istanbul / year 1994, duration 25 min. – Profession in Motion – Tinsmiths from Krusevo / year 1997, duration 28 min. – The Sound of Hamer / year 2000, duration 18 min. At the 9.Interantional Ethnographic Film Festival, Belgrade 2000 – won award – Best Camera – The Belgrade Coppersmith / year 2002, duration 15 min. – Adak / Oath / year 2003, duration 43 min. – Rusalii / year 2005, duration 25 min. – The Day of Ashura / year 2005, duration 25 min. – Bektashi – enter and see / year 2006, duration 35 min. At the 1.Yilmaz Guney Festival for Culture and Art, Projection of short (feature and documentary) films, Istanbul 2008 – won Honorary award – Peace for All – (shared shrines) / year 2007, duration 26 min. At the 16.Interantional Ethnographic Film Festival, Belgrade 2007 – won award Grand Prix – Friends, together with Frode Storaas, year 2010, duration 37 min. – Macedonians in Istanbul, year 2010/11, duration 34 min.

Research Elizabeta Koneska
Photography Robert Jankuloski
Sound Robert Jankuloski
Editing Blaze Dulev