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Original title Очаг


Through the conflict between the officials and employees of the Center of Amateur Culture there shown a story of a Russian endangered provincial town. Yesterday there was destroyed the center of spiritual life, a kind an urban church, today – the center of culture and tomorrow the whole town will be erased from the face of Russia. Yesterday\’s crime against the homeland generates the current delinquency and deprives it of the future. This is a movie about amateur actors and their Palace of Culture, trying to survive in the time escaping from them.

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Author/s Veniamin Tronin

Veniamin Tronin was born in the north of the city of Glazov in Udmurtia (Russia). He graduated from the Faculty of Philology of Nizhny Novgorod (Gorky) State University in 1987 and Studio of Feature Films Production by Vladimir Hotinenko, Paul Finn and Vladimir Fenchenko of Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Film Directors in 2002. The creator and director of \”Udmurt studio\” Kinoglaz-ov. \” Honored Artist of Udmurtia. 2001 – \”Rain Falls\”, feature film International film festival of the CIS and the Baltic States (Moscow, 2002) \”St. Anna\” (Russia, Moscow, 2002); \”Signs of the Night\” (France, Paris, 2007) 2004 – \”MOWERS\”, feature film The 2nd prize at the festival \”Star, Star\” (Russia, Moscow, 2004) Festival «RIFF» (USA, Hollywood, 2004) The Viennale (Austria, Vienna, 2005) \”Tuyvezh\” (Russia, Syktyvkar, 2013) 2005 – \”Upside-down, or Phantomasinthe Province\”, documentary Tampere Film Festival (Finland, Tampere, 2006) DOK Leipzig (Germany, Leipzig, 2006) The prize at Festival of Docudrama \”Saratov Suffering\” (Russia, Saratov, 2006) Nomination in \”LavrDoc\” Festival (Russia, Moscow, 2006) 2007 – \”Mr. Bubyli\”, documentary The prize for best direction at International Festival of Finno-Ugric Movies \”Tuyvezh\” (Russia, Syktyvkar, 2011) «EastSilver» (Czech Republic) \”Message to Man\” (Russia, St. Petersburg) \”Window to Europe\” (Russia, Vyborg) \”Flahertiana \”(Russia, Perm) \”Golden Knight\” (Russia, Moscow) 2007 – \”Waif\”, documentary The prize at Festival of Docudrama \”Saratov Suffering\” (Russia, Saratov) 2009 – \”The Auntie\”, documentary The 2nd prize of the Festival \”The Man Percieving The World\” (Russia, Moscow-Serpukhov, 2009) 2 prizes Festival of Docudrama \”Saratov Suffering\” (Russia, Saratov, 2009) \”Russia\” (Russia, Ekaterinburg, 2009) \”Flahertiana\” (Russia, Perm, 2009) \”Golden Eagle\” (Competitor Award in the category \”The Best Documentary of the Year\”, Russia, Moscow, 2010) Festival \”Window to Europe\” (Russia, Vyborg, 2010) \”The Golden Knight\” (Russia, Moscow, 2009) 2013 – \”Hearth\”, documentary Diploma of the Jury at Festival \”Window to Europe\” (Russia, Vyborg, 2013) Diploma of Festival \”Tuyvezh\” (Russia, Syktyvkar, 2013) The Prize of Ministry of Cuture of Saratov region at Festival of Docudrama \”Saratov Suffering\” (Russia, Saratov, 2013) Diploma at International Festival of Visual Arts of the Finno-Ugric peoples \”Tuveyzh\” (Russia, Syktyvkar, 2013) Diploma of International Human Rights Film Festival \”Steps\” (Ukraine, Crimea – Kharkiv, 2013) Competition program of International Festival of Documentary Film and Video Art Autumn In Voronet (Romania, Gura Humorului, 2013)

Photography Veniamin Tronin
Sound (0)
Editing Veniamin Tronin