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Amateur Filmmaker

Original title Kinaamatar


Anatol is the oldest amateur filmmaker in Belarus. He has been making documentaries for fifty years. Now Anatol is 81 and he is shooting his last film.

Author/s Volha Dashuk

VOLHA DASHUK Graduated from Belarusian Academy of Arts Has been working at Belarusfilm studio in Minsk LEANID LEVID. THE WAR AND LOVE, 2006 11 COINS, 2007 MINUTES OF LIFE, 2008 BELAVEZHA LAND, 2009 THE NIGHT IS SHORT, 2009 3 KM TO THE SKY, 2O10 THE UNPARDONED, 2011 AMATEUR FILMMAKER. AUTUMN DREAM, 2012

Photography Anatol Kazazaev
Sound Vladimir Miroshnichenko
Editing Victor Asliuk