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Soldier on the Roof

Original title Soldier on the Roof


In the West-Bank city of Hebron, a major holy place to both Jews and Muslims, some 800 extremist Jewish settlers live in the midst of a Palestinian population of over 120,000. For three years, Esther Hertog has been filming from within the settler community, capturing unique scenes of their real, sometimes even surreal daily life. An entire army battalion watches over the Jewish community from the city rooftops.

Author/s Esther Hertog

Born in Amsterdam 1978, Esther Hertog immigrated to Israel at the age of 12 with her family. There she went studied photography. She studied for a BA in Anthropology in the Netherlands, combining this with her love for the Visual arts via Visual Anthropology, and completing her BA with the documentary Ossama\’s Dance. She has an MA in Visual anthropology from Manchester University, graduating with a film and thesis about a circus summer camp for children in a refugee camp in the Westbank, Hope Despair Laughter. Since then Esther has worked as camerawoman, researcher and editor in the Netherlands, the Middle East and Rwanda. In 2009 Esther found herself being interviewed on a Palestinian rooftop in Hebron. This interview resulted in her being assaulted by a gang of young Israeli settler boys. That moment she decided to return to Hebron and film from within the settler community.

Research Esther Hertog
Photography Esther Hertog
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Editing Danniel Danniel