About movie

Nor Seed or Bark

Original title Nem Caroço Nem Casca


A road in Brazil connects the residents of six quilombolas communities. Taking the city of Viana as its starting point, \”Nor Seed or Bark\” features the daily life of these people, linked by the same past of slavery and struggle, where family, education, religion and culture are tools of resistance.

Author/s Will Martins

Will Martin is a director and screenwriter. Among his most recent works are the documentary “The Gardener and the Pirate” by Patricia Monegatto Lopes and Stella Bloss, in which was a screenwriter and assistant director, winner of the “Best of All” and “Best Documentary” at the Gramado Cine Video 2010, and the documentary Fotossensilvel by Kike Krieger, where he was editor and received the award for “Best Editing” at the Festival Guarnicê of Maranhão. In 2011 became a partner of the production company Novelo Filmes and since then has directed music vídeos, and wrote several scripts for other directors. In 2012, directed and wrote his first feature film, the documentary NOR SEED OR BARK – A STORY OF QUILOMBOLAS (shooted in Maranhão). In 2013, will direct the documentary Cena 11 – Time and Motion.

Research Will Martins
Photography Gustavo Bordallo
Sound Bruno Frene
Editing Alessandor Danielli